DATAKART is an online lead generation platform that provides access to high quality business contacts to help you find new prospects and grow your business.

Browse through over 1.5 million business contacts from over 200,000 individual businesses. 

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DATAKART is your most comprehensive, up-to-date resource for finding sales leads. Our platform offers you over 10 filters to perform a tailored search i.e. Job Titles, Job Functions, Seniority Level, Industry, Geography, Business Size, Sales Volume, and other firm-o-graphics.

Segment searches to match your ideal customer profile, or to prospect into new markets.
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When acquiring a database from a new vendor/online platform, data duplicity is a major concern as many companies buy lists quite often. Keeping the same in mind, we are introducing Data De-Duplication as a Service; wherein we offer our customers to scrub their existing database against our data and avoid purchasing duplicate contacts.

In order to avoid purchasing duplicate contacts, click on DEDUPE LIST and upload a list of email addresses that you wish to exclude from your purchase when uploading a list, it must be in a CSV format.
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